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According to the conditions of our country, the conservatory is defined as yüksek a high-level vocational school that selects our talented children and young people, gives them a universal art education in the fields of music and performing arts, and educates artists, practitioners, creative and researcher artists in our art institutions ”. The establishment of the uz Dokuz Eylül University State Conservatory ”, formerly known as Devlet İzmir State Conservatory an, which continues the music education for our youth in accordance with this definition, presents the results of the education to our people with various activities and is a bright page in the history of our music development. To continue writing this golden page in the future should be the most sacred duty of the musicians in İzmir.

A Short Look Before Izmir Conservatory

Turkey “s first art and educational institutions bearing the appearance Conservatory, 1831” well established due to the Ottoman palace “Müzika-i Hümâyun” stop; but the basic principle of the training here was the training of the band performers required for the army. The orchestra was of secondary importance and the symphony orchestra was not able to perform in public until 1918, due to the ban of the Sultan. In this respect, we owe the conservatories opened in our country in accordance with the above definition to the Republican administration. Indeed, the first person to use the word “conservatory resmi officially was Atatürk. In a speech he gave to the Turkish Grand National Assembly in 1923, the unique person also touched on the subject of Conservatory. Let us translate the text into the Turkish language of Ahmed Adnan Saygun: çağdaş Contemporary libraries, gardens for plants and animals, conservatories, laboratories, museums and exhibitions for fine arts within the borders of the homeland for an applied and encompassing National Education. galleries are necessary, and especially according to the current provincial organization, the country should be equipped with printing houses all over the country. ”

Despite such a warning for the future, the fact that the conservatory phenomenon is reflected in the beautiful İzmir is quite late. However, Darülelhan (Next “Istanbul Municipal Conservatory”) started its activities in Istanbul in 1923, iki Musiki Muallim Mektebi açılan opened in Ankara in 1924 and ”Ankara State Conservatory kurulan established in 1936 with the Ön Ankara State Conservatory Büyük. warning has been taken into consideration to some extent.

The delay in İzmir was unjustified; because in Mithat Pasha’s M Industrial School 19. which was opened in the 19th century, music education was included with various skills. A valuable composer like İsmail Zühtü (1876-1924) and a famous musician such as Veli Kanık (1881-1953) grew up in this school. In the “İttihat ve Terakki Numune Mektebi açılan, which was opened in 1912, thanks to the comprehensive music training conducted under the direction of İsmail Zühtü, 80 mixed four-voice choirs were created, Turkish youth received universal music appreciation, and our valuable composer Ahmed Adnan Saygun (1907-91) studied here. . In 1935, the famous composer Paul Hindemith (1895-1963) presented his views and suggestions to the government with the report known as the Kitap Blue Book ”(Blau Buch) during his first study visit to Turkey as a call to the Turkish Government and came to İzmir while preparing this report. . Gültekin Oransay’s (1930-89) document İzmir Recommendations for the Development of Turkish Cough Life ize has been summarized as follows: İzmir people are willing to play music. The most consistent measure for this city is the four-voice mixed choir which should be established under the direction of a European expert. The aim should be to educate the choir participants in terms of music taste, studies should be supported with one or two class sınıf Music School,, talented candidates should be sent to the Academy which will be opened in Ankara and the school should be developed in time. Hindemith suggested that Eduard Zuckmayer (1890-1972), the famous German educator and musician, was appointed to the head of the school and he came to our country in April 1936; however, the aforementioned school could not be opened in those years.

Foundation of Music School

Before entering the topic, it is useful to look briefly at the environment that can support a music school or conservatory in Izmir in the 1940s and 50s: two short-term amateur orchestras called iki Musiki Dormitory ”in 1924-25 and 1931. After 1943, the Municipal Band was founded. In addition to his official duty, this band performed outdoor concerts in Kültürpark every Sunday. Amateur Symphony Orchestra works were resumed with the band. Members of the orchestra were amateur musicians playing string instruments with some members of the band. Fuat Türkoğlu, who runs the band, also conducted the orchestra. Madame Marta Amati, who came from Istanbul and settled in Izmir, was responsible for the stringed instruments. The orchestra gave symphonic concerts from time to time. In addition, the amateurs also had hall orchestras. Ed educator and pianist

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